About BDxoul


Hello Everyone.I’m Bdxoul a Professional,Photographer & Computer Geek.My real name is Bhupesh Singh Dhami and I’m Asian.I’m born in June 30,1995 .I’m from Nepal.





Hello everyone !!! Warm welcome everyone. At first Who really am I . I’m a College Student. My age is 23. I’m born in 1995 June 30 in My hometown Darchula.And currently I’m living at Far-western Region of Nepa named Dodhara-Chandani,WN 6.I have one sister and parents.



 I’M working at a Computer Shop/training center. I’m the Course director And Head of the institute .I’m a Photographer and Camera person. I have completed about about 60 projects on Filming a ceremonies. I started photography since 2013.I love my Job.I has worked on Schools for Teaching Computer Subject.I ‘m also Graphics & Designer. I do blogging,web development also.


My hobbies is less.I want remain on Less and Enjoy what i have .I do not expects more.

I love to Photography,Playing Video games Specially racing & Sniper Games and Military Type games,I do blogging,Studying books,Travelling & YouTube .


-life is like water waves It depends on you can you Sail your life on it. -BDxoul

-Never Give up-Eminem

-Real winner is those who Tries to stand up  in his fall.-BDxoul

Thanks for views my about page. Have a good day/night ,Good life. Take care. #BeSafe #BeHappy


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