The vampire & the boy [story ]Part-1


Many years ago from now, about 14th century in Hills of Scotland. There was a boy who lived with his Grandfather and Grandmother. He has long Hair, black eyes and white shiny face and he was tall about 5 feet. His name was Joes. He was helpful. His mom, dad died in accident which was mystery and till not solved.
His house was top the hill. At that time people of his village frightened to come out of house at night because they believe in a Wolf that converts in to the bloody human who drank blood of human. The villagers named it as Vampire ‘Vampire means-a bloody human’ [in my own words]. But the boy doesn’t believe in Vampire. The village was under fear. One day Joes think to unmask the Bloody Vampire mystery. He ready horse. He packed the food. & Weapons needed for situation and a dog Tommy who was the pet of Joes. The dog helped the boy in every ways. He went to the dark jungle of Scotland where the rays of Sun did not fall. The Forest was too bushy and covered by trees. In the day forest still remain Night. Then he went walking and found the cottage. The cottage was old with the weak walls. This is only part of forest where the stars are seen.
Joes went near the house and knocked the door. Suddenly Door opened automatically. And he amazed .He slowly inters the home . An unexpected happens. He saws Bloods everywhere. Dog started barking. He pulled axe from his bag and a Lamp. In house there were nothings except bloods. Then he walked under house he saw the cutten hand and a neck less body & HUNDREDS of human skulls. He realize that this was home of Vampires. Something sound appears he fastly goes under the Table with his dog. A man comes may be “VAMPIRE” he was young. He tied axe in his hand. He remains silently. After that YOUNG boy Dressed bucher dress. He has bring that a women with him. Vampire tied women’s hand and feet and ready to cut hand then boy fastly attacks the young boy. He directly attacked his hand and cut offed two hands. Then he tied boy in Pillar. He Utied women.



I think this story is not enough good.


Written by BDxoul

This just My imagination .


The Mom !!! beloved

The women who cares about you more 🙂
The women who loves you more
The women who didn’t eat food until you arrive
The women who Feels your thought.
The women who forgets her pain when we happy
The women who left everything for us.

That is Mother 🙂
We are the luckiest who have mothers :). I didn’t want to drop single tears from my mom. Think how much pain she caused by us when we are in the moms stomach for Nine months. Keep mom happy 

Love you mom. Respect the most beautiful women.

Life !!! is a wind

What did you think about Life. What is Life.In my thoughts life is like a wind. Why ? Let me answer.


Life is boat sailing in the waves of wind but is in water. Lifes Goes on . We need the life where we do not need to work.Think we are in park sitting with Girlfriend and have a cone of Ice cream and enjoying the view or Going for long drive with winds. I’m 20 but i am struggling to sail in the wind  but i fail many time but i didn’t loose hope.I keep struggling and I think one day i will near to the success.

“You can’t change the direction of the wind, but You  can adjust your  sails to always reach my destination.”

Struggle in life to reach the desired Destination.

Bye Have goog day,good life.