Swords & Love

Swords & Love

Art drawn by Pencil and A water colour


The School Couples -Drawing

Hand Drawing using Pencils and Pencil Colours . Hope you guyss like it

Place where you find Peace [Lumbini,Nepal]

It is better to travel well than to arrive.

-Lord Buddha


Searching for Peace Lumbini,Nepal will be better choice. It’s also Birthplace of Lord Buddha. You will find Buddha Temples constructed by Different Countries Like Japan, China, Southkorea etc. Some snaps of there .



Buddha Temple Built by South Korea


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Nainital Lake ,India /Travel


a Little Snap of Nainital Lake, Nainital, India.


Arial  view of Nainital City India /Travel 

Few days ago i visited nainital,India. It’s a beutiful place. This photo was shot at top of hill.it was fun there. I Will ipload other photos too stay updated 

Lotus – Flower A closer shot

Green Hills of Nepal

This photo was snapped when i was Travelling to Mahendranagar Nepal to Pokhara Nepal. THis photo was shot by m,e in Bus.

Magar girl in Nepali Tradtional Magar Dress

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Little kitty -Drawings


Little kitty -Drawing
Credit : RNX 
: BDxoul
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