Window Seat P-I[Travel photos of Darchula/ Baitadi/Dadeldhura]

Hello , From my visit of  Far-western Nepal i have snapped some photos to share you.  I collected all photo and named my photographs as WINDOW SEAT .You may think why i named to windows seat because all photo are snapped from window seat of  Bus.

Terrains Of Darchula
© BDxoul


Dadeldhura , Nepal
Curved roads Baitadi, Nepal
Curved roads Baitadi, Nepal
© BDxoul


I will share more photos soon


Life !!! is a wind

What did you think about Life. What is Life.In my thoughts life is like a wind. Why ? Let me answer.


Life is boat sailing in the waves of wind but is in water. Lifes Goes on . We need the life where we do not need to work.Think we are in park sitting with Girlfriend and have a cone of Ice cream and enjoying the view or Going for long drive with winds. I’m 20 but i am struggling to sail in the wind  but i fail many time but i didn’t loose hope.I keep struggling and I think one day i will near to the success.

“You can’t change the direction of the wind, but You  can adjust your  sails to always reach my destination.”

Struggle in life to reach the desired Destination.

Bye Have goog day,good life.