Traveling to Dolpa, Nepal

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Dolpa Nepal my Next Destination. I am planning to explore the beauty of Nature in Dolpa, Nepal.

Dolpa is the largest district of Nepal covering 5.36% of the total landmass of the country, located at 28°43’N to 29°43’N latitude, and 82°23’E to 83°41’E longitude. Elevation ranges from 1,525 to 7,625 m (5,003 to 25,016 ft). The district borders Tibet ( China) on the north and northeast, Jumla and Mugu districts of Karnali on the west, Myagdi, Jajarkot and Rukum on the south, and Mustang on the east. –Wikipedia

This is perfect  place for Visiting who loves Adventure and explore in life. If you love Trekking Mountaineering  this is best place.

Feel heaven in Land

Shey Phoksundo , Source :
Phoksundo Lake, is an alpine fresh water oligotrophic lake in Nepal’s Shey Phoksundo National Park, located at an elevation of 3,611.5 m above sea level in the Dolpa District. Wikipedia
Surface elevation: 3,612 m
Area: 4.94 km²
Length: 5.15 km
Width: 800 m
Max. depth: 145 m (476 ft)
Designated as world heritage site: May 21, 1992
Location: Dolpa District, Nepal

Enjoy With nature

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Travel from Kathmandu Nepal to Darchula , Nepal

I packed my bag, Camera and start Travel from Dhangadi ,Nepal. Here are some photographs . All photos are snapped from Window Seat of Bus. Darchula is my Birthplace too.


Some information about Darchula ,Nepal


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Khalanga (Darchula) is a town in Api Municipality in Darchula District in the Mahakali Zone of western Nepal. It is the district headquarters. The town is located near the Mahakali River which is the border with Uttarakhand state, India. Indian and Nepalese nationals cross unrestricted, however there is a customs checkpoint for goods. Here mostly people are western culture. The main caste of this place is Dhami, including Bhatt, Kshetri, and Bhotes. In the northern part it connects to Tibet.

Height  from Sea level : 3,002 ft

If are you Fan of rock climbing then you must come here …

Darchula ,Nepal
Road to down
Darchula, Nepal


I will post more photos soon

Place where you find Peace [Lumbini,Nepal]

It is better to travel well than to arrive.

-Lord Buddha


Searching for Peace Lumbini,Nepal will be better choice. It’s also Birthplace of Lord Buddha. You will find Buddha Temples constructed by Different Countries Like Japan, China, Southkorea etc. Some snaps of there .



Buddha Temple Built by South Korea


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Green Hills of Nepal

This photo was snapped when i was Travelling to Mahendranagar Nepal to Pokhara Nepal. THis photo was shot by m,e in Bus.

TikapurTour 2014

At karnali Bridge
At karnali Bridge
Tek BDr Rawat . The Chairperson of Team
Tek BDr Rawat . The Chairperson of Team
frend and me
frend and me
taking lunch at karnali
taking lunch at karnali
at tikapur park
at tikapur park

All of you are invited to visit this beautiful place !!!

Syanga,palapa tour. the beautiful place


These photos are from my Pokhara,nepal tour. The location of these photos are IN Sangya, I don’t know exact but its is between Synaga and Palpa.

Lets Vist Nepal. It’s cool place

Proud 2 be Nepali

Turning Into Lake

©BDXOUL ,formation of lake

© 2014 by BDXOUL

This is a Farming fields where the farmers has planted rice that they will eat and get some money but The Rainfall of Regularly 4 days cause the flooding in River. This place lies in the far-western part of Nepal. 400 METERS near of Uttarakhand India. The next bank of water showing in photo is also Nepal. The main cause of flooding is this is place of Meeting of two rivers name Mahakali and Jogbuda river. The government has not solved it yet.When me and my FRend BHIM ALE VIST this place and asked some questions.

1-How destructive is this monsoon?

ANS FROM LOCAL : IT cause heavy destruction.It flooded my crops and my land . I(IN FIGURES ABOUT 1 BIGHA). And many house destroyed many people ran from here and leve their houses.

2-Any helps from government?

ANS FROM LOCAL : No helps we have inquired to police to write and condition. We also got to VDC. but anything not happen only hopes. We don’t need any money but we need to stop this destruction next year.

There is not destruction of Human but the property of Lakhs.

About the local peoples main conclusion is that the main cause of the destruction is The DAM . The dam has not been built now.

I am not journalist but I am a Social worker . If anyone related Administration has seen this plz response. And be a Respoinsible Citizen.

LOCATION OF : DODHARA-9,Kanchanpur,Maendranagar,Nepal.


If anywhere happening this plz mail us , don’t this this is small this cant be  effective . This is effecting . There is nepali saying. “If one do nothing but all try there will be revolution to change”

mail us :


Temple at the Center Of lake

Temple at the center of Fewa Tal
Temple at the center of Fewa Tal

© BDxoul

Temple at the center of Fewa tal. It look Gorgeous & amazing when the sun Aries and when machhapuchre Himalaya shadow  fall in lake I  feel I am in heaven. The pokara Looks so beautiful when at night when the light of shadow watched from the hill side of pokara. In the western side of temple there are Guest house. I satyed for 2 Days in Pokhara, Nepal. I feel better and amazing.


Temple at the center of lake where the Hindu Pilgrims (worshipper) visiting the temple.

If you got the chance don’t left the chance to vist the beautiful city pokara.


that’s all frend . met you next vist.

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